Thriving Creativity and Massive Motivation

Earlier this month I decided to shake things up with a more rigid work schedule. I loved it on Monday and resented it by Wednesday.

I believe in fostering environments where our creative work can thrive, and the schedule I experimented with reminded me that I need flexibility for thriving creativity and massive motivation.

The experiment didn’t work, but it wasn’t a failure.

I learned more about what I need and don’t need by trying something new and will continue to experiment with different work structures. My morning routine will stay in place, but I’ll be trying different work patterns throughout the day.

I’ll be using the block schedule on Mondays to start the week with focus and intention. In the middle of the week, I’ll be open to a more flexible work flow. Friday I’ll take a closer look at the inner workings of my microbusiness. Instead of saving administrative and behind the scenes tasks for the end of the month or end of the year, I’m going to give them my attention each week.

I’ll continue to limit work on nights and weekends and engage in regular digital sabbaticals, but I’ll stay flexible.

I’ll stick with this for at least a month making adjustments as needed to support a creative environment while staying connected to the joy in my work. This isn’t a one size fits all schedule. This might work for me, or you, and it might not. There is only one way to know. Experiment.


Spark & Tinder monthly

I’ll be sharing more details about my experiment with Spark & Tinder monthly members. Our main topic for September is massive motivation.

If you are trying to get your blog off the ground, starting a new project, or any creative endeavor that could benefit from some extra oomph, join us by registering here by September 3rd. The first lesson will arrive on September 8th.

Learn more here and if you aren’t sure if this is right for you, feel free to email me directly and I can help.