Inside-out Happiness

Every morning, before I write and workout, I spend time meditating. I built my meditation practice slowly, minute by minute and now practice daily for 15-20 minutes, once or twice a day.

My friend, Tammy Strobel recommended this free 21 day meditation series. It just started yesterday and I’m really enjoying the guided meditation.

Today’s message was “You are the source of unlimited happiness.” We have all heard this message before, but usually we are too busy or distracted to appreciate it how powerful it is. It seems so much easier to find happiness from external sources and perhaps we don’t trust that we can really make ourselves happy. Instead we look for happiness everywhere else.

When we don’t have time or won’t make time to sit quietly, we ignore our wants and needs by cramming the day full of external validation. Our to-do lists show us how productive and important we are, and the demands on our time make us feel relevant and loved. (and exhausted)

Chronic busyness and activity invites us to forget what we want, how we feel, and who we really are. We deserve better.

When you are happy from the inside-out …

  • You don’t rely on someone else to make you happy. Think about how removing that expectation and pressure might change your relationships.
  • When you are down, you can tap in. This means you can handle disappointment and avoid a downward spiral or irrational reaction by sitting quietly and reminding yourself that happiness is at your disposal.
  • You can stop searching for momentary bursts of happiness. Knowing your own capacity for happiness, you won’t have to try to buy it at the mall.
  • A specific outcome won’t make or break your day. Understanding that real happiness doesn’t ride on good news or bad news eliminates overreaction in either direction.

If you want to live and work in congruence with your desires and values, take the time and learn to trust yourself and your own inner happiness. It changes everything.