Vulnerability is the Core of our Connection

A beautiful soul on Twitter asked me to write about vulnerability when it comes to sharing our creative work.

Here’s the thing. It’s hard to share something you make and create. It’s hard because until you share it, it’s all yours. It’s your secret. It’s your heart, your soul, your work. If you don’t share it, you can protect it along with your fears and feelings.

 You are protecting …

  • your fear that we won’t like it
  • the feeling that it isn’t just right
  • the worry that you aren’t good enough to do this work
  • your insecurities
  • your decision to create even when people told you do something else

And, you are also protecting …

  • your joy
  • unique talent
  • your beautiful work that will move people
  • the lessons from creating
  • your tender heart
  • and so much more

You can’t hide and protect the bad without holding back the good stuff too, and we can’t genuinely connect unless you share all of it.

While your work won’t speak to everyone, the best part about being vulnerable by sharing your work is that you will connect with the very best people. I know this is true, because every time I hit publish, I think “I hope this is good enough for someone.” “I hope this isn’t a waste of space in someone’s inbox.” The people who connect with my work come back for more, and the ones who don’t move on.

The people who leave because my work doesn’t resonate do me a big favor. They ensure that I am growing a community of people who are just right for me and for each other. Instead of feeling hurt that they left, I feel blessed that they did, and will be here if they are ever ready to come back.

The people who want more keep reading, engaging, and seeking more, and some of them work with me. By the time we work together, we are already connected.  Often deeply connected. That’s when we do our best work together.

When it’s hard to share your creative work, remember that vulnerability is the core of our connection. It will connect you with your people and with your work in a powerful way. Take the risk of exposing your work, and your heart and soul along with it. It will change the quality of your work and relationships forever.

Did this resonate with you? Can I write something to help you and your work? Tell me about it.