Let Go and Rise Up

Curating a body of work you believe in, working with the best people for you, and discovering true joy in your work requires consistent editing.

Before you dig into new ideas for 2015, before you expand, and before you leap, let go of …

  • everything that isn’t contributing in some way to work you love
  • projects you hate doing
  • what you hold on to because it’s easy money
  • stuff in the way of the work you really want to do
  • clients that don’t value your time
  • ideas that won’t unfold no matter how hard you try
  • things you resent but do anyway because you are good at doing them
  • work you don’t believe in

Letting go isn’t as hard as you think it is. It’s the over-thinking that results in a tight grip. Instead of focusing on what you are letting go of, turn your attention to what you are making room for.

In work and life you have limited time, space and energy to devote to whatever means most to you. Make the meaningful things meaningful by giving them everything and you will rise in work, life, and love.

Let go and rise up.