Create Passion Statements for Meaningful Work

Before I started my own business, I worried that I didn’t know enough. I didn’t have a mission statement, or an official business plan, and I didn’t know how things would unfold.

After getting started, I realized that all of those things were just distractions and excuses. There were a million reasons why I shouldn’t leave a stable, well-paying job, but I only needed one reason to leap. I wanted to do meaningful work that I truly enjoyed.

It’s been three years since I left my job, and over time, I found a way to confidently grow on this unconventional path. Instead of worrying about the unknown, I stay connected to what I do know and believe about my work. Passion statements strengthen that connection and remind me of what’s important when I get sidelined, or have a crisis in confidence.

My Passion Statements

My work must fuel me.
The projects I choose and the work I publish has to lift me up and encourage even more creative energy. My work demands a healthy lifestyle. My best work comes from plenty of sleep, exercise, green smoothies, meditation, and truly enjoying and seeing my life and the world.

My work must help other people.
It must encourage, inform, inspire, or be of service in some way. People first. People first. People first.

My work must be light and strong.
Light enough to allow for imperfection and strong enough to recover from mistakes and failures. It must be light enough to grow from criticism, but strong enough to reject unhelpful feedback. My work must be light enough to be flexible and open to change, but strong enough to push through uncertainty, fear and doubt. It must deliver a strong message with a light heart and spirit.

Passion statements aren’t coulds or shoulds or maybes, they are musts. They provide the clarity you need to discard what’s unnecessary and to engage in only your best work.

I still don’t have a mission statement or an official business plan, and like every human on the planet, I don’t know how things will unfold. My passion statements are proof that none of that is important. They clearly demonstrate that all I need is to put people first, engage in a healthy lifestyle, and work with light and strength.

Once you craft your passion statements, don’t accept anything less from your work or yourself. When you are working in complete alignment with your passion statements, you’ll do your most meaningful work.