The Beauty and Power of Potential

I didn’t always live up to my potential in school. While I said it was because I wasn’t interested, ready or focused, it was really because I didn’t know what my potential was.

I didn’t believe in who I could be, or what I could accomplish. I didn’t believe in what I had to offer. I attribute some of that to inexperience, but even now I get stuck or hesitant to take the next step when I question my potential.

As adults, the excuses for not rising up to our full potential range from intangible things like fear and uncertainty, to things that are more palpable like money, health, time, and obligation.

All of those often legitimate excuses offer protection from failure, and distraction from believing that with a little help we have what it takes.


Take those excuses and distractions away for an hour and write about the person you want to be, what you want to accomplish, how you want to live and work and what the next steps might be. Give yourself the time, space and gift of believing in your potential.

Beauty and power

Potential reveals and fuels purpose. It serves you and everyone around you in a beautiful, powerful way. Is isn’t easy to figure it all out and make it happen, but that doesn’t matter.

When you decide to believe in your potential, you’ll do whatever it takes to realize it.

P.S. I took a little break from 1:1 coaching, but will be opening up a few spots with a new offering early next week.

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