If You Want Better Focus in 2015

This is what's important.

My friend Heidi and I were talking earlier today about upcoming projects and what we were working on. She told me that she was feeling scattered, and not accomplishing the things she wanted to get done. She asked me how I stay focused.

I’m not always focused, especially after a highly productive day. We don’t have a limitless capacity to do things and at some point, depending on what you are doing, your body, brain, heart, or soul says, “that’s enough for awhile.”

To stay focused, I try to stay ahead of that message and do less. When I do less, I’m more focused, more effective, more creative, healthier, and happier.

The key to doing less is clarity. You have to know what’s most important, and what you are willing to do to protect that. If you want better focus, you have to do less, and if you are going to do less, you need clarity on what truly matters to you.

For better focus in 2015, read the quote above. Read it again, out loud. Next, identify what’s most important to you so that when you do yank your hand back and put it on your heart, you’ll have the strength and passion to protect what you most care about.

When you realize that you have a right and even a responsibility to devote your time and attention to what’s most important in your work and life, you’ll have the clarity to let go, and the clarity to say no, so you can say yes to everything that matters.